Video Testimonials

Dr. Bolte uses holistic and natural therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic methods, to provide his patients with the compassionate and effective care they need. Through a holistic approach, you can find relief like the patients in these videos.

If you are experiencing pain or other health issues that are interfering with your life, make your appointment at the Get Well Center today.

General Wellbeing & Chiropractic Care

Neck & Back Pain 

Here, one of Dr. John Bolte’s longtime patients describes how she received instant relief from her pain after one treatment at the Get Well Center. Through the identification of her pressure points and the use of well-applied acupuncture techniques, Dr. Bolte was able to determine what was causing her pain and could act quickly to provide natural relief, without the use of medication or surgery!

Lower Back Pain

Andrew, a patient of the Get Well Center, describes how the treatment he received through Dr. John Bolte has helped him to relieve many of his pain symptoms. Like many, he had suffered from pains in his back for years prior to seeking treatment. Now, through the application of holistic and natural methods, he has even been able to resume some of his favorite pastimes since beginning his recovery process!

Back Pain & Mobility

Here, a longtime patient and friend of Dr. John Bolte describes the relief she has found for her severe lower back pain through spinal decompression and craniosacral therapy. This has allowed her to treat her conditions (largely) without the use of medications or invasive surgeries.

Dance and Auto Accident Injury

Auto and sports injuries are unfortunately all too common, but the suffering they can cause can be relieved.
Fortunately, this patient decided to get the treatment she needed at the Get Well Center. Having been a patient of Dr. John Bolte for the past ten years, Dr. Bolte has helped her throughout the recovery process for a variety of injuries throughout this time

Headaches, Migraines, Anxiety, Stress…

Chronic Headaches/Migraines

Here, CJ, a patient of Dr. John Bolte, describes the outstanding and compassionate care he has received through his time at the Get Well Center. In the past, CJ experienced headaches on most days of the week. With this pain getting worse over time, he was compelled to seek natural and holistic treatment from Dr. Bolte who used chiropractic and cranial sacral techniques in addition to acupuncture and Chinese herbs and medicine.

Naturopathic Therapies

Here, one of Dr. John Bolte’s patients describes her incredible experiences with his holistic approach to patient care. Having undergone cranial sacral therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatment with Dr. Bolte, she speaks to his high level of competence and compassion throughout these treatments.


Anxiety & Stress

Here, a patient describes how he struggled with severe anxiety and stress which escalated into full-blown panic attacks on some occasions. Fortunately, he decided to not become another statistic and sought help from Dr. John Bolte in 2017.


Mental & Emotional Health

Mental and emotional health are critical to a person’s overall well-being. Here, a patient shares the difference he is experiencing even with just a couple sessions of holistic combination therapies including acupuncture, cranioscacral therapy, and chiropractic care.



Vertigo and other balance system disorders affect up to forty percent of patients over forty years of age. With this prevalence, it can be disorienting to find relief from these conditions, even using techniques at the forefront of medical science.

Vertigo Treated with Acupuncture

Here, a patient describes the rapid improvement of her vertigo symptoms after only two sessions of acupuncture therapy. She also describes the way that Dr. John Bolte compassionately insisted on conducting a more holistic examination to identify all relevant factors behind her condition. This resulted in the discovery of some thyroid and hormone issues, which were also treatable with acupuncture.


Extreme Case of Vertigo Treatment

Here, a patient with a particularly severe case of vertigo, which even the Mayo Clinic was unable to solve, describes how Dr. John Bolte was able to use natural therapies to bring balance back into his life. In many cases, a holistic approach will successfully treat what conventional medicine cannot.