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(From Dr. John Bolte)

Insomnia is more than just an unpleasant lack of sleep. It is a medical condition that can significantly interfere with your day-to-day functioning. However, there are established and effective treatments for insomnia that can help you to alleviate this condition, without the use of medication.

I am proud to say that I have helped many insomnia patients find relief from their lack of sleep. The trick is to look at each case on an individual basis and identify what is causing your sleeplessness. We can then make the necessary changes or additions to your lifestyle to get you the rest you need.

Your life can improve exponentially with high-quality sleep each night. I am looking forward to meeting you and working towards easing the stress that your insomnia is causing you.

– Dr. John Bolte

Achieve high-quality sleep every night.

Is Your Insomnia Keeping You Up At Night?

If you have been suffering from sleeplessness for weeks on end, it is time to address the problem head-on. Insomnia is more than just not being able to fall asleep easily. It is a sleep disorder that requires effective and individualized medical treatment.

We are all familiar with the effects of a bad night’s sleep. Low energy, irritability, and unstable or depressed mood are symptoms we all feel from time to time. However, having your days continually impacted by these debilitating effects can significantly reduce your quality of life. Poor sleep is linked to several other serious health risks including obesity and cardiovascular disease. Any kind of sleeping disorder can be highly problematic if left untreated.

There is no need to suffer without relief. At The Get Well Center, we take a holistic approach to your insomnia to get you back to your well-rested self as effectively as possible. Using a combination of natural methods, including acupuncture, homeopathy, and diet & nutrient programs, our team can find a system that works well for your individual care. We will look at your lifestyle and try to identify some of the factors that are keeping you from enjoying a good night’s sleep each night.

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Dr. Bolte’s Treatment Overview

Over my 30 years of practicing Alternative Health Care, I have found that though proper Chines diagnosis and the proper administering of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, I have been able to bring much success to my patients who suffer from their dreaded struggles with insomnia. Acupuncture and or Chinese herbs brings balance or peace to one’s emotions, and calmness or stillness to one’s mind, and thus, restful restorative sleep once again!

They say in Chinese Medicine that “one’s emotions is the root to all health disorders”. When insomnia is related to pain or discomfort in the body that prevents the body to go into stage 4 sleep, the body is greatly restricted from restful restorative sleep, when this occurs additional forms of alternative care may be administered as well.

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