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(From a Patient)

“Many years ago, a podiatrist did a plaster casting for custom orthotics, and I’ve purchased many over the counter orthotics, nothing has worked. I’ve lived with constant pain in my knees and heels for as long as I can remember, for the last few years it’s been difficult to kneel and then get back up.

Fortunately, I found The Get Well Center and Dr. Bolte, his Integrative Medicine approach to health care is second to none. Dr. Bolte is a Chiropractor and an Acupuncturist among just a few of his specialties that help with his diagnosis and treatment of any health issue.

Dr. Bolte suggested custom orthotics, not from plaster castings, but from a foam casting. I agreed and he went through the steps to create the foam casts. In three weeks, I picked up the new orthotics, they have changed my life. I put them in my shoes and starting walking, my feet are at a new angle now, instead of dipping in on the arch side of my feet they now feel like I’m walking on my entire foot. My knees quit hurting the first day of wearing the new orthotics. I’ve been wearing the orthotics for a month now, all knee pain is gone, and the pain in my heel and the bottom of my feet have completely disappeared. Thank you, Dr. Bolte, I am so happy I found you.”

– Shannon E.

(From Dr. John Bolte)

Too often we take the health of our feet for granted. Feet tend to get neglected among even the most health- and fitness-conscious patients I have worked with. However, considering our well-being in a holistic sense requires that we consider all aspects of our health.

When problems arise and your feet become injured or painful from overuse or repetitive strain, they become a cause for concern. While having sore or painful feet can interfere with your mobility and overall well-being, there are many ways to alleviate these symptoms.

To get you back on your feet, I would like to take an individualized approach to your care. Using custom made orthotics, I have already helped many patients with their foot woes and would be glad to assist you as well.

– Dr. John Bolte

Foot & Heel Pain Treatment
Foot health needs to be taken into account in any serious holistic approach to health.

Are Your Painful Feet Affecting Your Quality of Life?

Having painful feet due to plantar fasciitis, heel pain, Morton’s Neuroma, or fallen arches can be a seriously debilitating ailment. Our feet are our primary means of mobility and being unable to walk around will ease can restrict what we are able to do in our day-to-day lives.

Foot pain is not an uncommon symptom. Repetitive strain and overuse injuries resulting in conditions such as plantar fasciitis are unsurprisingly common among athletes but also among the general population as well. It is estimated that one percent of American adults suffer from plantar fasciitis alone. Flat feet and fallen arches also afflict an astounding combined twelve percent of the adult population!

The good news is that these common foot conditions can be alleviated with proper care and treatment via custom orthotics. You do not have to suffer unnecessarily. You may even run the risk of making the problem worse if you fail to manage these conditions early.

Foot health needs to be considered in any serious holistic approach to health. Do not ignore your foot pain if it is interfering with your quality of life! Contact the Get Well Center today to make your appointment and give your feet the customized care they need.

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Dr. Bolte’s Treatment Overview

I have been fitting high quality custom shoe / foot orthotics for 30 + years.  My foot orthotics are of the highest quality and design to correct your foot needs.  

I have had no more than 2 unsatisfied customers over the past 31 years of providing shoe orthotics and have eliminated the factors that have arouse in those situations.  I would be honored to provide you or a loved one with foot orthotics, for your foot needs.

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