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(From a Patient)

“I didn’t think I was really 100% ready, so I was worried about myself. But!! Oh my goodness!! I am free! I don’t think that much about a cigarette. I don’t want one!! I have even taken breaks at work with smokers and it doesn’t bother me or make me want one. I am so surprised at myself!! Thank you very much!!! This is unreal!!”

– Lois H.



(From Dr. John Bolte)

Looking at the smoking statistics always gives me a feeling of surprise. Given the amount of research highlighting the negative health effects of smoking, one would think that nobody would start smoking in the first place.

However, smoking is an addiction which makes it more than just a bad habit that you can decide to quit on the spot. Perhaps you have tried several methods, and more than once, to remove smoking from your life.

In my experience, I have assisted many people on this journey towards improved health and quality of life already. I would be happy to help you to try a holistic and natural combination of methods to eliminate the smoking habit from your life.

– Dr. John Bolte

Quit smoking drug-free
Try a holistic and natural combination of methods.

Are You Struggling To Quit Smoking?

Virtually everyone knows the serious health complications that can develop from tobacco smoking. Not only does smoking lead to nicotine dependence, but the risk of lung cancer and chronic respiratory ailments is dramatically increased for those who smoke.

Given the addictive properties of tobacco, however, quitting this habit takes more than just being aware of these harms. In fact, it is shocking to realize that of those who currently smoke in the US, over sixty-eight percent report that they want to quit completely. Smoking is an addiction of the same magnitude as heroin, alcohol, and cocaine, and removing it from your life is no easy task.

At the Get Well Center, we empathize with the difficulty of quitting smoking. However, we have assisted many patients to cut back and eliminate tobacco from their day-to-day lives. We know that there is hope. Best of all, quitting smoking can improve your health and overall well-being before you know it. It is always amazing to see the difference in people after they have ceased smoking for some time.

Quitting smoking may be one of the most difficult things you have ever done in your life, but the benefits are worth it! Make your appointment at the Get Well Center today and we will take a personalized and holistic approach towards maximizing your chances of kicking the habit for good.

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Dr. Bolte’s Treatment Overview

I have been blessed to be instrumental in stopping hundreds of people from smoking with the use of quit smoking the proper applications of acupuncture and or laser therapy. 

My success rate is around 85% of my patients.  Of these patients most had stop smoking after the first visit.  I hope you make the decision to stop smoking today and choose me to help you or a loved one from the habit of smoking.

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