Shoulder Pain

The Get Well Center a natural treatment center, excels in diagnose of underlying causes to shoulder pain and has an  extremely high rate of success in healing shoulder problems without the use of drugs or surgery.

Common causes of shoulder pain:

  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Tendonitis of the shoulder tendon(s)
  • Bursitis of the shoulder tendon sheath
  • Arthritis of the shoulder and its related joints
  • Shoulder Sprain of a ligament
  • Shoulder Strain of a tendon(s)
  • Shoulder biomechanical dis-function from poor posture
  • Dislocated or subluxated shoulder joint
  • Separated shoulder A/C joint or S/C joint

The Get Well Center will diagnose the primary cause of your shoulder problem and administer the appropriate treatment to assist in restoring your health.

The Get Well Center uses advanced alternative form of treatment like:

  • Kinesio-tape (miracle tape), which you may have seen worn on your favorite athletes in pastels, black, or flesh tone taped on some of your favorite athletes.
  • Proprioceptive neurofacilitation is a technique, used to set the proper muscle lengths to all muscles that cross the shoulder in order to restore balance to the pulls of the muscles, restoring smooth functioning of the shoulder thus eliminating pain.
  • Vibrocussor is an instrument used to unwinds the bunched up fascia (adhesions and tension in the connective tissues) of your shoulder.
  • Arthrostimmulator is used to break up adhesions, remove muscle spasms and inflammation to the joints of your shoulder.
  • Medical Massage therapy for you shoulder restrictions and pain.
  • Cold Healing Laser treatment help heal you from shoulder pain.

The Get Well Center uses time proven natural treatments as well:

  • Acupuncture returns the vital blood and energy flow to the areas the shoulder that are         "dis-eased".  This, reduce the inflammation, balance the muscle pulls, and heighten the healing potential of the body.  I have had miraculous responses with my patients with shoulder problems.
  • Chiropractic Adjustment and Activator are very effective in restoring spinal and shoulder alignment and joint function.

The Get Well Center in Scottsdale on the N/E corner of Hayden and Shea is conveniently located to Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, North Phoenix, North Mesa, and Tempi.

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