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Help for Loss of Balance

The treatment for loss of balance Is commonly performed at The Get Well Center. We see excellent success with improving our patients balance and reducing vertigo. 

Restoring your balance can be crucial in preventing an injury from a fall.


The Get Well Center has 5 tools for loss of balance or to help stop vertigo:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Cranial therapy
  3. Chiropractic for head and spine alignment thus better balance.
  4. Home rehabilitative techniques
  5. Yoga Therapy

Do not become a victim of a fall:

When Loss of Balance is combined with bone loss (osteoporosis / osteopenia) as we age, it becomes a lethal condition.  When enter our 50's with women and 70's for men, our bones become more brittle.  When this is combined with our balance become unstable, risking the incident of falls and fractures, especialy hip fractures increases.  Further complications can occur like going to the hospital for the broken bone and acquiring an infection that can ultimately lead to death. 

By improving your balance you can prevent trauma, infection, and possible death. 

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