Relieve Fibromyalgia



Fibromyalgia is general chronic pain, ache, or stiffness found in multiple regions of the joints, muscle and fascia of the body that migrates from one area to the next. 

Other associated symptoms of fibromyalgia may include, fatigue, sleep disturbances, loss of mental focus, depression, anxieties, and others. 

If you have not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or are unsure if you have fibromyagia call us. 

The Get Well Center a natural alternative health care center in scottsdale looks for the underlying causes of fibromyalgia like:

  • Toxic syndrome form environmental toxins and endotoxins.
  • Hormone imbalance and adrenal dysfunction.
  • Microbial toxins like yeast, parasites, pathogenic bacteria, viruses.
  • Digestive dysfunction
  • Food sensitivities and allergies that stress the body.
  • Mental and emotional imbalances.
  • Posture or joint dysfunction.
  • Vital nutrient deficiency and diet.
  • Vital Energy imbalances.

The Get Well Center will holistically help determine which natural approach is right for you for treatment of fibromyalgia:

Reduce or rid fibromyalgia pain and suffering and enjoy health and vitality again.

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