Dr. Bolte is a Health Consultant for finding Solutions to your Health Concerns and Stresses in your Life


As a Health Consultant the Doctor he will assess your life style and stress factors associated wtih your mental, emotional and physical being and make changes or provide treatment when needed to establish optimal wellness. 


Dr. Bolte's View On The Importance Of Diet & Holistic Nutrition

He believes that diet and holistic nutrition are a top priority in striving toward optimal wellness. Without the ideal diet for fuel, the body can suffer mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Some symptoms of poor diet are fatigue, mood swings, attention deficit, and pre-mature aging. On the other hand, eating an optimal diet promotes growth, repair, development, clarity of mind, high energy and youthful vitality.

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Trouble with the health of Americans

The typical American diet is full of problems

Ideal Foods

Where to shop for Ideal Foods

Trouble With The Health Of Americans

America is one of the unhealthiest nations in the world. The American diet contributes largely to this fact. Even with all of the great medical advancements in our country, America is still ranked as one of the unhealthiest nations of the world. This is readily seen in common diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

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The Typical American Diet Is Full Of Problems

  • Empty calories as seen with refined sugars, transient fats, flours, gluten additives, corn products, etc.
  • High fatty content as seen with vegetable oils (deep frying), dairy products (ice cream and white sauces), fatty meats, etc.
  • Toxic food contamination as seen with pesticides, chemical preservatives, flavoring, etc.
  • Food allergies as seen with genetic alteration of foods, lactose intolerance, toxic food contaminants, etc.
  • Ingestion of hormones and antibiotics that are added in massive amounts to feed livestock.
  • Nutritionally depleted foods as seen with:
    • Fruits and vegetables grown in water and fertilized with nitrogen and phosphates, instead of pure nutrient enriched soil from rich mother earth.
    • Fruits and vegetables grown in nutrient depleted soil from not rotating the fields.
    • Refined processing of our foods to improve the taste and enhance shelf life.
  • The outdated, ill motivated USDA's Food Pyramid.

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Ideal Foods

Dr. Bolte follows a nutritional plan consisting of ideal foods and teaches his patients to do the same. This plan consists of foods that:

  • Do not contain any of the six problems of the typical American diet listed above.
  • Vegetables and fruits that are organically grown.
  • Livestock that are organically raised, veggie or grass fed, cage free and free of any antibiotics or hormones.
  • Vegetables and fruits that are preferably eaten raw, freshly squeezed, lightly steamed, or lightly pan fried.

Mother Nature with her infamous knowledge and wisdom has already designed foods naturally from the earth to provide our bodies with the ideal nutrients needed. Anything we do to process the foods, alter or improve the genetic design, chemical composition, or growing grounds falls short from her mark.

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Where To Shop For Ideal Foods

The recommended place to find organic foods(ideal foods) is:

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