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The First Step


Diagnostics is an invaluable tool to isolate and document the underlying cause(s) of a person’s ailment or their state of well-being. Dr. Bolte Approach to making the best diagnosis is looking through the eyes of both Eastern and Western Medicine.  Hence, he will diagnosis you through bolth Chinese Medicin and our Western Medicine.  Dr. Bolte finds it most helpful to use the technical advancments in Western Medicine to aquire more evidence as to the underlining cause(s) of his patients ailment(s). Not only does this confirm or disprove your initial theory on the cause of the condition (giving you a piece of mind) but also one can re-test after administering natural treatment to verify if the findings on the initial test(s) have improved. The Eastern Medicines Diagnosis of health concerns has been proven by time, time and time agean through its results.  Thus, the use of both these methodes prevents the symptoms from possibly just being masked or covered up and possibly developing into a more serious problem(s).

Commonly Prescribed / Performed Tests by Dr. Bolte

  • MRI / CT Scan / Bone Density Scan / Bone Scan / Pet Scan / X-ray
  • Toxic Metal Urinalysis (Pre and Post Provocation)
  • Stool Studies for:
    • Fungi / Yeast testing
    • Parasites testing
    • Pathogenic Bacteria
    • Intestinal Inflammation / Irritation
    • Blood testing
  • Saliva Tests for:
    • Female / Male Hormone Balance testing
    • Stress Hormone Balance
    • Food Sensitivities
    • Parasite testing
    • Immune function
  • Chinese Diagnosis for proper application of Acupuncture or Chinese Herbs
  • Applied Kinesiology testing / Reflexology
  • In house Urinalysis
  • Laboratory blood testing (through Sonoran Quest, Lab Corp, and independent Labs like CCL) such as:
    • Thyroid Profiles
    • Serum Allergy Testing
    • Liver Enzymes
    • Kidney function screen
    • Extensive cardiac profile
    • C Reactive Protein
    • Prostate Screen
    • Chem Screen
    • CBC w/differential
    • Diabetic screening
    • Hepatitis panel
    • Urine analysis
    • Arthritic Profile
    • Anemia screen
  • Orthopedic Examination
  • Neurological Examination
  • Chiropractic Examination
  • Hair Analysis

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