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The Best in Custom Orthotics - Shoe Orthotics at Half the Price!


These are the best in quality however, affordable custom shoe orthotics (shoe inserts) made to support and correct your feet.  They promote proper foot alignment and help uniformly disperse the every day pounding   forces on your feet. 
Have happy feet throughout the day with the best in custom molded orthotics for your feet. Wether it be for improving sports performance by optimising your foundation through your feet or just every day use of being on your feet with the best orthotics.

Orthotic Can correct:

  • Foot pain
  • Foot nerve pain (Mortons Neuroma)
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Fallen arches
  • Heel Spure symptoms
  • Knee pain and back pain
  • Improper gait pattern
  • balance and foundation
  • Week feet and ankles

The Get Well Center has provided the community with the best orthotics for over 29 years and offer's the best foot orthotics at an affordable price. You would most likely pay up to 65% more at a podiatrist or elsewhere.

They are custom molded to your foot in semi weight-bearing manner. Then, cut and engineered from the appropriate material that best fits your needs.

  • Leather - Shoe orthotics for dress shoes and heels.
  • Cushioned - Soft - Shoe orthotics for tender soles, and seniors.
  • Hard plastic - Durable and rigid orthotics for the heavier person.
  • Space age - Ultra Lightweight and durable shoe inserts for optimal athletic performance.

Customized foot orthotics with built-in corrections such as, wedges, lifts, moisture resistant, transverse and longitudinal arch supports to make the orthotics more precise for foot support and positioning to reduce stress to the foot, ankle, knee, back, and posture.

The Get Well Center in scottsdale is conveniently located for Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix, Tempi, and North Mesa.

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