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What Type of Laser Treatment is Used?

Dr. Bolte uses the Erchonia PL 5 healing laser. This cold laser provides care for your health concerns through a low level laser therapy light.  It is FDA approved and the finest laser treatment in the market today. It emits a constant red 635nm; 5mW max dual line generated neurocellular healing laser beam.

What is a Laser?

What does cold laser do in the human body?

What's the difference between Hot Laser and Cold Laser?

What Laser therapy does for you?

What Is A Laser?

A laser is basically a focused beam of light. When the light is focused properly, all the photons are traveling in the same direction and at the same wavelength, known as coherent light.   Light is measured in Wavelength. The unit of measurement is called Nanometer (nm). The size of a Nanometer is very small equaling one billionth of a meter. The visual spectrum of light occurs within the range of 380 - 760 nm.

What Does Cold Laser Do In The Human Body?

The light from cold laser is absorbed into the cells of the human body then utilized in the same way plant cells use light Quanta with the chain of photosynthesis.

The red range of 630 - 640 nm of light energy is the ideal stimulating range for human cellular healing to occur.

As a result, when this 630 - 640 nm of ideal red light is focused into a laser beam, it is absorbed into our cells and tissues producing a healing effect through:

  • Oxygenation and phagocytosis activity being optimized
  • Regenerate damaged nerves
  • Cell and tissue environmental optimization
  • DNA replication is optimized

What Is The Difference Between Hot Lasers & Cold Lasers?

“Cold” lasers are used to stimulate healing or biological function and have an output below 10 mill Watts (ten \ one thousands of a Watt). This is unlike the surgical lasers which are the more common type of lasers in the medical field today. They are used to destroy, cut, and cauterize tissue. These are referred to as “Hot” lasers which have a thermal effect and an output of One Watt or greater.


The Erchonia PL 5 can be implemented in the healing and recovery of many conditions. Common applications for treatment are:

  • Injury to ligament, tendon or muscle
  • Stop smoking with the smoking laser
  • Reduces pain inflammation and swelling
  • Relaxes muscle spasms
  • Increases flow of blood and lymphatic drainage
  • Neurological re-education and regeneration
  • Balances energies or meridians throughout the body
  • Treatment of organs and glands
  • Burns, rashes, warts, and other lesions of the skin
  • Decubitus ulcers
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Mooore...!


Healing Laser Technology has had a profound effect on our quality of life. Even though Einstein was the first to talk about the idea of beams of light, our bodies have been using laser communications since the beginning of time.

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