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Environmental Medicine

Cleanse Environmental Toxins

Individualized programs that are doctor designed to:

  • Cleanse Toxins from the body.
  • Restore your health.
  • Rejuvenate your vitality.

Environmental detox / Cleanse at The Get Well Center in Scottsdale AZ were developed by Dr. John Bolte over the last 20 years and the results speak for themselves. 

Those who undergo an individualized detoxifying program for their health concerns experience not only restoration of their health, they also experience enthusiasm with weight loss, looking better, an increase in their vibrancy.


  1. Proper diagnosis for successful elimination of toxins
  2. Types of Cleanses offered at the Get Well Center
  3. Toxic Syndrome
  4. Toxic Syndrome and psychological symptoms
  5. Toxic Syndrome and Physical condition
  6. Endotoxins and how they accumulate at toxic levels
  7. What are environmental toxins?
  8. Chelation Therapy toxic metals
  9. Published article by Dr. John Bolte Ezinearticles Expert Author


Proper Diagnosis

Taking in-depth measures to discover the cause of your health concerns, this may require:

  • Blood tests to possibly evaluate your liver, kidney, thyroid, immune system, vitamins, allergies, and others.
  • Saliva samples to determine: adrenal stress, gluten sensitivity, parasitic invasion, hormones, leaky gut, and food sensitivity.
  • Stool samples to determine: parasites, yeast, pathogenic bacteria, immunity, digestive enzymes, inflammation of small intestine and colon.
  • urinalysis: infection, disease, or toxic metals.
  • Kinesiology, to ask the body what's wrong or not wrong.


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The different Cleanses that may be applied to get you well:

  1. Cleanses to detoxify the body from environmental toxins and endotoxins.
  2. Anti-Microbial agents to cleanse the body of parasites, yeast / fungi, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses.
  3. Colon cleanses.
  4. Chelation Therapy to cleanse the body of toxic metals.
  5. Homeopathy to help body cleanse toxins and balance energy.
  6. Herbs to balance vital blood and energy through the meridians.
  7. Vital restorative nutrients specific to your needs from the toxic stress.
  8. Specific diet for your appropriate needs for detoxifying.
  9. Home Care Detox Procedures.
  10. Acupuncture to balance meridian energies to strengthen body for toxic elimination.


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Toxic Syndrome

Occurs when your body accumulates toxins faster than it can rid of them, resulting in a Toxic Syndrome a commonly undetected condition that can rapidly deteriorate your health and the way you feel.  Toxins come from either the environment (food, water, and air) or from what we produce from inside our body's (endotoxins).


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Toxic Syndrome may be associated to your psychological symptoms:

  • Anxieties
  • Palpitations
  • Sleep problems
  • Faulty memory
  • Moody
  • ADD
  • Hyperactivity
  • Agitation
  • Panic attacks

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Toxic Syndrome may be associated to your physical conditions:

  • Fatigue
  • Pre-mature Aging
  • Headaches
  • Weight Gain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Aches, Pain, Arthritis
  • Allergies
  • Digestive problems
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Chronic infections
  • Obesity
  • Fluid retention
  • Rashes or itchy skin
  • cold hands or feet
  • burning sensation on tongue
  • muscle or facial twitching
  • Metallic taste in mouth

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Endotoxins and how the accumulate at toxic levels:

Lets first talk about endotoxins, these are toxins produced by our own metabolism like lactic acid causes soreness in muscles after a work out, not properly breathing causing a build-up of Co2 an acid in the body, or homocystine a byproduct of metabolism that's harmful to the heart when it accumulates.  They can accumulate to toxic levels when we develop poor behavior patterns or from inherent weakness in our biochemistry from birth. 

What are poor behavioral patterns:

  • Skipping meals / dieting.
  • Not exercising or exercising too much.
  • Neglecting relaxation or other ways to calm the nervous system.
  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Pushing yourself through fatigue to finish the days work.
  • Putting yourself last.
  • Using caffeine when your already exhausted.
  • Breathing poorly when under stress.
  • Worrying or lacking laughter.
  • Mentally replaying stressful internal dialogs in the mind.
  • Neglecting fun and celebration.


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What are the Environmental Toxins?

1.  Toxic microbial found in our food, water, and air, can put a severe stress on our health. 

     Microbial that may reside in your body at toxic levels are:

  • Yeast or Candia
  • Fungus or Mold
  • Parasites like Trichinella Spiralis, Helicobacter Pylori, Toxoplasma, Clostridium Difficile, and Giardia.
  • Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Viruses

2.  Heavy metal toxins that can accumulate and poison the body like lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. ...

3.  Chemical toxins:

  • In our foods like, 13000 solvents, preservatives, and other additives used to process our foods, and sensitive protein like gluten in wheat and sugar lactose in milk.
  • Pesticides, chlorine and other toxins in our water.
  • The synthetic drugs.
  • The 2.4 billion tons of chemical pollution that goes into our air in the U.S. every year.
  • The 188 million pounds discharged into our lakes, rivers, and streams each year.



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Chelation Therapy for Toxic Metals


  1. What does Chelation mean?
  2. Types of Chelation Agent used at The Get Well Center:
  3. Safety and Approval of DMSA:
  4. What are the benefits of Chelation Therapy?
  5. What are the potential dangers of the different Toxic Metals?
  6. Why it is important to rid our bodies of Free Radicals?
  7. Why Oral Chelation Therapy?
  8. How to determine if you have heavy metal poisoning?



The word Chelation is derived from the Greek word Chele that means claw.  When an effective chelating agent comes in contact with a positively charged metal it grabs them like a claw and removes them through the kidneys.  Thus Chelation is the therapy or process of removing undesirable heavy metals from the body.                                                  


  DMSA are oral chelating agent that are recognized antidotes for detoxifying metals such as: Antimony, Arsenic, Bismuth, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury.  Magnesium glucamate or Malic Acid has been shown effective for removal of Aluminum out of the body.  DMSA (Meso-2,3-dimercatptosuccinic acid) has been studied on a basic scientific and clinical level for over 50 years.


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  Currently, DMSA (tradename Succimer) is FDA approved for lead detoxification in children.

  Numerous studies show DMSA (Succimer) ability to increase urinary excretion of lead and mercury and decrease levels in the blood.  There is also evidence that DMSA provocation in conjunction with other challenge agents, helps to boost cumulative metal excretion and prevent redistribution of lead and mercury to the soft tissues.  DMSA has also been noted to remove metals from brain in animal models.  There are several advantages to the use of DMSA in that it is generally well tolerated with the occasional gastrointestinal or dermatological side effect, and has minimal effect on the excretion of essential minerals. 

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  Many scientists suggest that the beneficial effect of chelation treatment is from the removal of toxic metals that causes excessive free radical proliferation through out the body.  This reduces the oxidation of lipids, DNA, enzyme systems, and lipoproteins.  As a result burning of holes in our cellular membranes through out the body occur which in turn, weakens tissues and organs.  As this damage continues, our body becomes less able to fight other invaders such as cancer, infection, hardening of the arteries, premature aging and other bodily disorders.  The chelation and secreting of these aggressive metals halts the bad effects of excessive free radical damage and initiates strengthening of the body’s healing process, often reversing the damage that has occurred. 

 In other words, chelation of heavy metals can:

  • Decrease in free-radical activity and oxidation process
  • Promotes anti aging
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Linked to prevention and reversal of learning disorders and neuro-degenerative disease
  • Enhance cardiovascular (heart) functions
  • Decrease the risk of cancer

  Research over the past 30 years has confirmed the benefits of DMSA/DMPS chelating agents.  This protective influence of eliminating toxic metals through chelation would be enhanced by an appreciable presence of antioxidant nutrients such as Vitamins A, C, essential fatty acids, selenium, and amino acid complexes such as glutathione peroxidase.

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  • Aluminum and Mercury can bind and accumulate in brain tissue affecting proper brain functions.  They have been found in high concentrations and should be considered in degenerative neuro-diseases such as:  Presenile Dementia,  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS.  Also,  are observed and with children and adults with behavioral/learning disorders such as ADD, ADHD, and autism.  Early symptoms of Aluminum excess include: fatigue and headache.
  • Arsenic excess can cause malaise, muscle weakness, diarrhea, dermatitis, and skin cancer.  Arsenic, Tin and Silver excess can cause hormonal imbalances, early menopause and cardiovascular disease.
  • Bismuth excess can cause the symptoms of constipation or bowel irregularity, foul breath, blue/black gum line, and malaise.  High levels can result in kidney damage, memory loss, and neurological disorders.
  •  Cadmium excess is associated with hypertension, anemia, fatigue, osteomalacia, weight loss, and lumbar pain.
  • Copper excess is associated to biliary obstruction, liver disease, and renal dysfunction.  Associated symptoms are muscle and joint pain, depression, irritability, tremor, anemia learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders.
  • Lead excess has a neurological and kidney toxic effect and interferes with heme biosynthesis.  In children it can cause hyperactivity and learning disabilities. Symptoms associated with its excess are loss of appetite, poor memory, fatigue, constipation, headaches-, inability to concentrate and decreased coordination.
  • Mercury and associated to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, Acute Myocardial Infarctions.  Hallmark symptoms of excess mercury include: loss of appetite, decreased sensed of touch, hearing, and vision, fatigue, depression, emotional instability, peripheral numbness and tremors, poor memory and cognitive dysfunction, and neuromuscular disorders.
  •  Uranium excess appears to be correlated to kidney toxicity, chronic fatigue, and all forms of cancer.
  • Mercury and Antimony   One of the most perfect studies ever preformed was published in the American College of Cardiology.  Biopsy of the myocardial tissue and regular skeletal muscle from the leg tissue of 32 patients with heart disease was performed.  Results concluded a greater the ten thousand times more mercury and antimony in the heart tissue than skeletal muscle tissue of these same 32 patients with heart disease.
  • Aluminum and mercury are found in high levels in the brain with leaning disorders and neurogenic disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS and dementia.
  • Accumulation of metals in general is associated with premature aging and suppression and/or deregulation of the immune system.

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Free radicals are the highly unstable compounds that attack, infiltrate, and thus injure vital cell structures.  Most stable chemical compounds in the body possess a pair of electrons.  Sometimes, one of the members of the electron pair gets stripped away.  The resulting compound (less one electron) is called a free radical.  This free radical must now also go around looking for another compound to steal an electron form to become complete and in turn the compound that its electron was just stolen from becomes a free radical and must due the same to become stable. This process goes on and on  and is also known as the oxidation process.  When an over accumulation of these free radicals occur, they can result in tremendous damage or oxidation to the delicate machinery of our cells.  This, in the excess results in the loss of our recuperative and regenerative abilities and thus, acceleration of the aging of our bodies.  Chelation and Anti-oxidants are the key to eliminate these free radicals and thus balancing the oxidative stress to the body.

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  • Proven effective.
  • The cost to do oral chelation is only about a third of that compared to doing intravenous chelation.
  • Oral chelation is in capsule form and thus doesn’t require being at the doctors’ office to be administered.

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 There are two effective ways to evaluate accumulations of lead, mercury, antimony, arsenic, and other metals in ones body. 

  1. Perform a urine challenge test with the chelating agent DMSA.  If the levels of the heavy metals in the urine are significantly elevated after the administration of the chelating agent in comparison to the levels of heavy metals in the urine prior to chelation administration, appropriate treatment is warranted. 
  2. Performing a Hair Analysis to determine whether or not the accumulations of heavy metals are at toxic levels.

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Published Article

Natural Health Care Through Environmental Medicine - Our Health and Environmental Toxins

 Natural health care through environmental medicine: The four categories of toxins found in our environments food, water, and air. How these toxins can accumulate to form Toxic Syndrome, a condition that can result in psychological and physical health issues.


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