The Get Well Center is a chiropractor clinic / wellness center that offers the
best chiropractic treatment in Scottsdale through Dr. John Bolte. 

Dr. Bolte, a chiropractor for over 29 years that provides top care through adjusting techniques like: Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, Arthorstim, Drop table, and body work.  In addition to the chiropractic adjustments our center offers:  Spinal Decompression, Massage, Vibrocussion, Laser treatment, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Optimizing diet & nutrition, Chinese Herbal formulas, etc. ... 



  1. What is Chiropractic?
  2. How Does the Chiropractor Work?
  3. What is a Subluxation & Adjustment?
  4. What does being a Chiropractic Physician mean to Dr. Bolte
  5. Choose from my ten articles to help you determine if chiropractic is right for you
  6. Effectiveness of Chiropractic by Consumer Reports on treating Back Pain
  7. View our Chiropractic Video to learn more
  8. Learn about your neck and back health concerns
  9. Spinal Decompression, a revolutionary breakthrough in spinal rehabilitation


What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic (Greek: treatment by Hand) is the use of the hands in a natural non-evasive method to correct the cause of nerve irritation, biomechanical dysfunction, postural alignment, and energy imbalance. This approach arose as a separate profession from allopathic medicine in the United States in the 1890s. Since the 1890s, Chiropractic back doctors has blazed the path of natural healing approaches in the arena of American medicine.
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How Does the Chiropractor Work?

The Chiropractor pertforms stimulation to the joints of the body, called and adjustment, that intern effects the brain and its nervous systems communication to every cell of the body that can provide homeostasis and function for every cell and system of the body. 

When the brain and its nervous system loses its ability to  communicate with any part of the body, then that part of the body loses its ability to coordinate and function properly, allowing disease to set in.  Chiropractic can be performed to assist the restoration of this loss of communication and restore proper function and health.

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What is a Subluxation & Chiropractic Adjustment?

Subluxation is an abnormal function of a joint that can lead to a pinched nerve or interference of nerve flow from the spine to the rest of the body resulting in pain and dis-ease to the area it innervates.

Chiropractic Adjustment: a quick, non-forceful thrust is placed into a subluxation or misaligned joint, placing it back into its proper bio-mechanical function.   AChiropractor is an extensively trained back doctors who knows how to perform this safely and effectively.

Nerves in the body can be interfered with as the result of the slightest amount of pressure.  Scientists at Colorado University found that the weight of a quarter reduces the function of a nerve by 60%.  If a nerve loses 60% of its function, that means, the organ, gland, muscle or other tissue it controls will also malfunction.  The body warns us when nerve irritation or joint dysfunction is occurring with symptoms like back pain, neck pain, shooting nerve pain, headaches, sciatica, whiplash, etc..

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What Does Being A Chiropractic Physician
Mean To Dr. Bolte?

  1. That in being a highly educated and well trained Natural Primary Health Care Provider or Chiropractic Physician, it is a privilege to manage patient's state of well being through natural remedies and therapies to assist and support the bodies own innate (in born) healing properties to heal itself.
  2. One should first seek a Chiropractor also known as a back doctor to help the body through a natural realm of healing prior to taking toxic drugs or opting for aggressive surgery.
  3. It's important to understand that the body displays symptoms as a warning mechanism when in dis-ease or a state of dis-order to tell that person something is wrong with their state of health and they need care. Beware, these symptoms are not the cause of dis-ease and treating these symptoms through toxic synthetic drugs just masks the problem or leaves the underlying problem uncorrected. Dr. Bolte's approach is to use these symptoms as clues in discovering the underlying cause of his patient's health disorders so that correction or actual healing of the underlying problem takes place. Also, symptoms can be used as a barometer for how one is responding to a natural treatment program although, beware that when the symptoms have subsided this doesn't necessarily mean the cause of their condition has completely healed.
  4. A Doctor should look at the body as a temple thus addressing the emotional, spiritual, bio-chemical, and structural aspects of the patient's health if he wishes to have a high success rate and achieve an optimal state of well-being for his or her patients.
  5. Having the option of a plethora of natural approaches (Integrated Natural Medicines) along with the chiropractic adjustment, will greatly increase the likelihood of enhancing or restoring the bodies state of health through its own innate (in-born) healing potentials.
  6. Treating the whole family (family Chiropractor from infant to elderly) to prevent illness and optimise life.

Want to see if a Chiropractor is for you? Read my articles:

  1. The Basics on Chiropractic Care and the Benefits from what a Chiropractor does                  Chiropractic, a physical form of medicine is based on the principles of alignment and mechanics. Therefore, anyone who suffers from a structurally based problem or injury to their joints, muscles, ligaments, or nerves can benefit from receiving chiropractic care. 
  2. Low Back Pain, Consumer Reports Finds Chiropractic Number One Among the Top Five Treatments                                                                                                                    Treating low back pain and the effectiveness of chiropractic. Consumer Reports Rates Chiropractic as the number one choice of treatment for back pain. JMPT in 2000, a highly revered journal studied 137 chronic lower back patients with moderate to severe pain and disability and found the chiropractic adjustment to be highly superior for patent satisfaction as compared to anti-inflammatory medication.
  3. Choosing the best Chiropractor for your health needs
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  7. Chiropractic Relieves the Back Pain and Other Common Discomforts During Pregnancy      You should search for a chiropractor who has acquired additional training and is experienced with prenatal and perinatal care for women. This is the type of chiropractor you should choose to ensure optimal care and safety of both baby and mother. Chiropractic relieves back pain and other common discomforts during pregnancy: Physical discomforts arise as the body changes with pregnancy in women.

  8. Chiropractic During Pregnancy - Understanding the Body's Changes & How to Have a Healthier Pregnancy                                                                                             Understanding that structural changes occur to the body during pregnancy. The possible complications that can result from structural changes during pregnancy and how chiropractic care can help. Recognizing the complication through their associated symptoms. The five ways chiropractic care can help achieve a healthier pregnancy.       

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    Average Costs of Chiropractic Care Costs of Medical or Health Care Even in tough economic times, you still cannot afford to neglect your health needs because eventually you will have to "pay the...                                            

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Effectiveness of a Chiropractor treating your Back Pain:

CONSUMER REPORTS discovery when surveyed Back Pain

In the May 2009 issue of Consumer Reports, a survey was conducted that examined patient response and satisfaction on many different lower back treatments including chiropractic manipulation. In short, 14,000 Consumer Reports subscribers with lower back pain who had not had surgery were surveyed. Overall the respondents rated their back pain as moderate to severe, recurrent and indicated that the low back pain severely affected their activities of daily living most notably with sleep (46%), sex (24%), and maintaining a healthy weight  (31%) for at least a week or more.

Many indicated that they had tried multiple forms of treatment and subscribers were asked to rate their satisfaction of these treatments as well as their satisfaction with the healthcare provider. As you can see below, Chiropractic topped the list with 59% satisfaction.

At The Get Well Center, we not only offer 24 years experience with chiropractic but also, 24 years experience with acupuncture and physiotherapy giving you one stop for freedom of choice for care.

Profession Patient Satisfaction
Chiropractic Manipulation 59%
Physical Therapy 55%
Acupuncture 53%
Physician, Specialist 44%
Physician, Primary Care 34%

In addition, most of the 14,000 (emphasize this impressive response!) subscribers that responded, indicated they had tried an average of 5 different non-surgical treatments and 88% indicated their back pain was recurrent. These subscribers rated chiropractic manipulation to be the most effective in treating their back pain compared to physical therapy, acupuncture and medication. Chiropractors also scored the highest in patient satisfaction with their healthcare providers. High ratings of patient satisfaction are a hallmark of the chiropractic industry and are consistently noted in many of the efficacy studies that support manipulation as a first line therapy for back pain.

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Study comparing anti-infammatory medication and Chiropractic in the JMPT medical journal

JMPT in 2000 looked at 137 chronic recurrent lower- back patients with moderate to severe pain and disability. This study compared the rate of patient satisfaction for those treated with chiropractic, compared with treatments based on anti-inflammatory medication (NSAID). The patients treated with chiropractic reported much higher rates of satisfaction compared with those treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. Patients who received chiropractic adjustments experienced a significant 31% reduction in pain, compared to only 6% for patients treated primarily with NSAIDs. For patient disability the results were similar, chiropractic adjustments improving disability by 29% compared to medical patients who experienced only a 1% improvement.

In addition, Chiropractic manipulation does not have systemic side effects of NSAIDs (like stomach and intestinal bleeding and pain). Chiropractic should be the obvious choice when choosing care for your back  or neck problem especially to avoid or limit the side effects you encounter with prescription medications

View Chiropractor Video Below

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                         Neck and Back Pain

                                and other

                           Spinal Conditions


The Get Well Center in scottsdale offers advanced care for spinal conditions

(click your health concern to learn more)


Arthritis (from Greek arthro-, joint + -itis, inflammation) is a group of conditions involving damage to the joints of the body.

There are two basic forms of arthritis, the most common, osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) is a result of trauma to the joint, or age and genetics. The common symptoms of osteoarthritis is neck and low back stiffness initially when starting to move.

The second form of arthritis is grouped under inflammatory arthritis, this is where the joint becomes inflamed and erodes the bone and joint surfaces. Some of the different forms of inflammatory arthritis are: rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, autoimmune diseases in which the body attacks itself, septic arthritis is caused by joint infection, and Gouty arthritis is caused by deposition of uric acid crystals in the joint, causing inflammation. Symptoms of inflammatory arthritis usually include red, swollen painful joints.

Diagnosis and Natural Approaches:

The Get Well Center when necessary, will run the appropriate blood tests or X-rays to make the diagnosis of the underlying cause of your complaint. Then, select the most effective natural approaches to rid your discomforts and restore your health.

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Herniated Disc

What is a herniated disc?

When the cushion (discs) between the bones (vertebrae) in your back (spine) become damaged. When a disc is damaged, it looses its ability to act as a shock absorber for the spine. When the damage is minor the disc begins to bulge (bulging disc) and when the damage becomes greater the disc breaks open (herniated or ruptured disc).

You can have a herniated disc in any part of your spine. But most herniated discs affect the lower back (lumbar spine). Some happen in the neck (cervical disc hernia) and, more rarely, in the upper back (thoracic spine hernia).

What are the symptoms?

Herniated disc can place pressure on the nerves of the spinal cord and the nerves that pass out of the spine. The pressure on the nerves can cause back and neck pain, numbness, and weakness to the area of the body where the nerve travels (innervates). A common area for a herniated disc to occur is in the lower back, causing pain or numbness in the buttock and down the leg. This is referred to as sciatica. Sciatica can sometimes accompany loss of bladder or bowel control, a much more severe condition (referred to as cauda equina syndrome).

Diagnosis and Treatment at The Get Well Center:

The doctor will first gather a history of your health followed by a neurological and orthopedic exam to determine if X-rays, MRI, or CT scan are necessary to confirm a herniated disc or rule out other health problems.

Treatment will consist of natural, safe, and effective forms of care to correct or restore the cause of your symptoms. Yes, our center does offer affordable spinal decompression.

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Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease (DDD) occurs in the spine, when the spongy shock absorbing material (disc) between the spinal bones (vertebrae) breaks down. The symptoms of DDD may lead to chronic back or neck pain. If the degeneration of the spinal disc is severe enough it can cause sciatica when in the low back, and radiating pain into the shoulders, arms and hands when in the neck.

Diagnosis and Treatment at The Get Well Center:

The doctor will first gather a history of your health followed by a neurological and orthopedic exam to determine if X-rays, MRI, or CT scan are necessary to confirm a degenerative disc disease, other disc disorder, or rule out other health problem.

Treatment will consist of natural, safe, and effective forms of care to correct or restore the cause of your symptoms.

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The name sciatica comes from the nerve called the sciatic nerve, a bundling of nerves in the buttock, that come from the spinal cord of the lower back and travel though the buttocks, thighs, legs, and feet giving them their function and sensation.

Sciatica is commonly caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve at the nerve roots in the lower back causing radiating pain that travels from the lower back, to the buttock, and/or various parts of the leg and foot. When the compression is sever enough there may be numbness, muscular weakness, pins and needles or tingling, with possible difficulty in moving or controlling the leg, bowels, or bladder. The nerve compression is frequently at the lumbar nerves (L4, L5), and occasionally at the sacral nerves (S1, S2 or S3), and caused by an underlying herniated disc, degenerative disc, or spondylolisthesis (vertebral bone slipping out of alignment with the others).

In addition to compression of the sciatic nerve at the nerve roots of the spine, it can occasionally be compressed or entrapped when it runs through a muscle called the piriformis muscle in the buttocks. In fifteen percent of the population, the sciatic nerve runs through the piriformis instead of underneath it. This leaves these 15% susceptible to sciatica from this muscle. In this populous, the piriformis muscle can spasm due to trauma or overuse compressing the sciatic nerve beneath causing sciatica, referred to as Piriformis Syndrome. This condition is also known as wallet sciatica, since a wallet that’s carried in the back pocket compresses the sciatic nerve when one is seated.

Diagnosis and Treatment at The Get Well Center:

The doctor will first gather a history of your health followed by a neurological and orthopedic exam to determine if X-rays, MRI, or CT scan are necessary to determine the underlying root of your complaint.

Treatment will consist of natural, safe, and effective forms of care to correct or restore the cause of your symptoms.

Trigger points or Sciatica:

Another condition resembling sciatica is trigger points of the lower back and buttocks. This leads to referred radiating pain down the buttocks and leg from the trigger points, not the sciatic nerve compression. These trigger points occur when muscle tissue becomes deprived of oxygen due to poor blood flow from trauma or continuous muscle spasm.

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Scoliosis (from Greek: skolíōsis meaning "crooked") When a person's spine curves side to side forming a "S curve". To adults it can be very painful. On an x-ray, the spine of an individual with a typical scoliosis will have an "S" shape, unlike the straight spine in normal shaped spines.

Scoliosis occurs congenital (present at birth), idiopathic (for no clear reason known) after birth and up into the teens, or develops from another condition, such as spina bifida, tethered spinal cord, cerebral palsy, spinal muscular atrophy or physical trauma.

In April 2007, researchers at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children identified the first gene associated with idiopathic scoliosis, CHD7. The medical breakthrough was the result of a 10-year study and is outlined in the May 2007 issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics. S curves of 10° or less in the spine affect approximately 1 out of 250 people. Spinal S curves 20° or greater is clinically consider true scoliosis.

Pain is often common in adulthood, especially if the scoliosis is left untreated. Other symptoms of scoliosis can include:

  • Uneven musculature on one side of the spine
  • A rib "hump" and/or a prominent shoulder blade, caused by rotation of the ribcage in scoliosis
  • Uneven hip, rib cage, and shoulder levels
  • Asymmetric size or location of breast in females
  • Unequal distance between arms as they hang beside the body

If one suspects scoliosis their child, loved one or self, call The Get Well Center immediately to verify your suspicion and render care to prevent the further advancement of the condition.

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Scottsdale Spinal Decompression:

A revolutionary break-through in spinal rehabilitation

Are you or someone you know considering back or neck surgery? Maybe even for a second or third time?
Are you taking drugs or just living with back or neck pain?
What the prescribers of pharmaceuticals and surgeons won’t tell you. Studies have shown spinal decompression to be a highly successful treatment for back and neck problems are extremely inexpensive when compared to surgery.

This state-of-the-art therapy is effective without surgery or drugs for:

  • Non-responsive neck and back pain
  • Shooting nerve pain
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Failed back surgery
  • Herniated or Bulging Disc
  • Sciatica
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Click here to take:


An eight minute video on

Spinal Decompression at

The Get Well Center

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