Carpal Tunnel / Wrist Pain

Causes and solutions to your carpal tunnel syndrome and other causes of wrist or hand Pain!

What is carpal tunnel and its wrist / hand discomfort?

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

Don't become another statistic to failed carpal tunnel syndrome treatments.

Still experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome and surgery has failed?

A better way to correct carpal tunnel syndrome without braces, drugs, or surgery.

Conditions related to wrist pain:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Wrist or hand pain from bursitis
  • Wrist or hand pain from Tendonitis
  • Wrist or hand pain from tendon strain.
  • Wrist or hand ligament sprain.
  • Wrist or hand ligament instability.
  • Wrist or hand arthritis.
  • Osteonecrosis of the wrist carpal bones.  A loss of blood supply to the wrist causing collapse of the wrist bones.
  • Fracture of the wrist or hand bones, for example stress fracture.

The Get Well Center will diagnose the type of condition you have and deliver the appropriate treatment to restore your health.

What is carpal tunnel syndromes and its pain?

The carpal tunnel is in the wrist in which tendons, blood vessels, and nerves run through to give function and strength to the hand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is where the nerve in the wrist (median nerve) is pinched by swelling of tendons (like bursitis) and spilling of fluid into the wrist tunnel from blood vessels creating an increased pressure of the space in the carpal tunnel. The result is wrist and hand pain, ache, burning, tingle, weakness, and a weak hand grip that in time interferes with or evens disables ones work or other daily activities.

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

It's usually caused by repetitive motions like: typing, sewing, knitting, hammering, sawing, use of wrenches, and vibratory tool.  Workers and athletes at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome are computer operators, tennis players, golfers, baseball players, dentist and assistants, musicians, hair stylists and barbers, check out clerks, bakers, construction workers, typists, stenographers, garment workers, seamstresses, butchers, assembly line workers, electronic assemblers, etc. ..

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Administration found that 60% of all on-the-job injuries will be caused by repetitive motion injuries and of these carpal tunnel syndrome is the most frequent.  Among the major disabling injuries and illnesses, median days from work were highest for carpal tunnel syndrome. The average cost for carpal tunnels rehab and benefits is around $4,000 and if surgery is implemented it's around $20,000.

Don't become another statistic to failed carpal tunnel syndrome treatments:

The suffering with and cost of carpal tunnel syndrome treatment can be overwhelming.  Surgery is the usual recommendation to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. However surgery in most cases has proven not to be effective because it simply cuts the tendon in the tunnel of the wrist to create more room.  For many with carpal tunnel syndrome, braces, drugs, and altering the activity around their wrist problem becomes a way of life, not a solution to ridding their problem. 

Are you still experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome and surgery has failed?

Of the many who choose surgery, approximately 80% find a return of the painful symptoms within two years, facing the recommendation of additional surgeries.  In spite of surgeries' expense, it may not address the true cause, which may actually be "Double Crush Syndrome".   Double Crush Syndrome gives the same symptoms as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and is the likely explanation to the high rate of failed surgery .  Double crush syndrome is where the nerve that goes through the carpal tunnel is also irritated at the neck where it originates from.

Abnormal neck function can create inflammation which can irritate the nerve that eventually innervates the wrist and hand.  Neck dysfunction can occur from bad posture, trauma from falls or auto accidents resulting in the same symptoms as carpal tunnel syndrome and when repetitive motion of the use of the hand with work or other activities this can further complicate the symptoms.

Considering the cost, trauma, and loss time from work, surgery should be considered a less than optimal solution to the problem. 

A better way to correct carpal tunnel syndrome without braces, drugs, or surgery.

The Get Well Center offers 5, more logical approaches to achieving correction of carpal tunnel syndrome / double crush syndrome and other causes of wrist or hand pain:

  1. Acupuncture, in the american journal of acupuncture, a preliminary trial of people with carpal tunnel syndrome (some who have previously undergone surgery) received acupuncture treatments, and 83% of the participants experienced complete relief that lasted through 2 to 8 year follow up.
  2. Chiropractic, often finds carpal tunnel syndrome especially when associated to double crush syndrome to be a result of spinal misalignment in the neck, causing pressure on the carpal tunnel nerve that results in wrist / hand symptoms.  One study showed a success rate of over 80% with the chiropractic adjustment. 
  3. Kinesio-tape (miracle tape) shows great promise as an adjunctive with chiropractic.  It's a type of taping for the wrist with a special tape to help the promotion of healing the wrist.
  4. Rehabilitative stretches, exercises, and ergonomic improvements are adjoined to win at ridding carpal tunnel syndrome.
  5. natural anti-inflammatory herbs, homeopathic remedies,and nutrition may be added to help in the promotion of healing.
  6. Cold Healing Laser to reduce inflammation causing your wrist pain.


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