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What you may experience when receiving acupuncture


The most common experience when receiving properly performed acupuncture is the feeling of being relaxed.  Often the acupuncture patient will describes this experience as a very calm feeling as if being at complete peace inside.  Many fall into a restorative sleep awakening afterwards with focused vibrant energy.  Others who have busy minds find their worries or stresses lifted from their minds.  Some patients with neck or back tension experience an unwinding of the tightness and a flow of warmth and blood through these tissues.  Another experience the patient may experience is the feeling of warmth or blood and energy flow through the area of their complaint.  The bottom line is acupuncture should leave you feeling great.

 “Will the acupuncture be painful” is the most common question with what you may experience when receiving acupuncture.  In most cases the patient doesn’t feel the needle go in.  But in some cases the patient may experience heaviness or ache as the “chi or Qi” is reached during the needle insertion.  The ache or a heavy feeling of Qi is the indication that the needle has stimulated energy flow in the body.  When this occurs in China the patient says to the acupuncturist “Dow Chi” or you arrived at my energy flow. 

For what ever your health concern is it’s likely that acupuncture can help when properly performed. the end result should leave you feeling great.

Resource for this article:  Scottsdale acupuncture:  How acupuncture works

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