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The Risks and side effects of Acupuncture:


There are three risks involved with acupuncture.  The first occurs if the acupuncturist misses the acupuncture point when inserting a needle, this can result the patients experience of excessive pain.  The second occurs when the acupuncturist inserted the needle much too deep, this can result in complications to an organ.  The third and most serious of the risks is infection.  This can be seen when an acupuncturist chooses not to use disposable needles (use a needle once then properly dispose the needle), instead chooses the use of re-usable needles and an error occurs with the sanitizing of the needles or lack of sanitizing occurs.  Types of infections may include staff infection, hepatitis, and AIDS.  Infections may also occur with the unsanitary handling of disposable needles or the re-use of a disposable needle.  This can occur with touching the needle shaft or placing the needle on unclean surfaces before use.   

It is important to be a good consumer and choose a qualified acupuncturist, then interview them to discover the type of needles they use and are they cautious with the handling of the needles.  This process should assure your safety and a great experience with acupuncture.  

The most common side effect of acupuncture involves the leaving of a small bruise after receiving acupuncture.  This is an occasional occurrence and is only a cosmetic issue that disappears in a few days after the session.  Sometimes a patient will experience with acupuncture the side effects of feel light headed after the session due to the body detoxifying from the treatment.  Occasionally a patient can experience what is called “syncope” or passing out this only occurs when a patient receives acupuncture in a seated position and they forget to take a breath due to the fear or anticipation of the acupuncture.  Hear at The Get Well Center we always lay the patient on their back, side, or facing up to avoid any such side effect.  The most common side effect is happiness from the joy of receiving acupuncture and the feeling you get after the treatment.

In conclusion the end results of acupuncture is well out weigh the risks and side effects especially when performed by a qualified experienced acupuncturist.

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