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The Foundation of Acupuncture:

The discovery of acupuncture was approximately 3000 years ago in China. They realized that by placing needles into specific area on the body one could rid ailments. They believed that the proper flow of blood and energy to all the tissues of the body was crucial for proper health and by acupuncture they could restore vital blood and energy flow hence, ones health and vitality. They found over 2,000 points located on the surface of the body where needles could be inserted for removal of interference with the flow of blood and energy.

The science behind how acupuncture works:

As the ancients believed, proper flow of blood and energy to all the tissues of the body is essential to proper health. Science validated this view with the proof that each cell of the body that makes up the organs, glands, muscles and other tissues require full flow of vital blood and energy to properly function. Science also validated that proper placement and manipulation of a needle into the body will stimulate the flow of blood and chemicals to potentially heal any diseased area of the body.

The healing art behind why acupuncture works:

The art behind acupuncture working largely relies on the acupuncturist artistic decision as to which of the 2000 acupuncture points to choose for the stimulation with acupuncture needles, and how to manipulate these needles to get the desired effect. When this art is properly performed the restoration of vital blood flow and energy will occur to naturally heal the body and optimize wellness.

By Dr John J Bolte

Expert Author

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