Anti-Aging & Rejuvination


Our goal at The Get Well Center is to slow down and reverse the affects of aging with your outward appearance while rejuvenate the vigor and vitality of how you feel inside.

Dr. Bolte has established a number of key ingredients from his over 20 years of experience in natural medicine to developed one of the finest individualized rejuvenating programs for his patients.

Through his programs he’s seen significant improvements in his patients tone, luster and color with their skin along with increased focus, energy, weight loss and an increase in body and face tone.

To achieve ideal results first, Dr. Bolte assesses each of his patients to determine which approach is right for them.  The assessment may include blood, stool, or saliva tests, Kinesiology, and Chinese diagnosis. These tests may be used to determine your blood type, the balance of hormones and the function of the thyroid, organs and digestion.  Then, these findings will help establish a program that bests fits you.

The choice of therapy that is rendered to his patients is selected from multiple approaches to ensure the best suited care for each individual.  The different options include:  


                         Symetry, Tone & Wellness

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  • Remember how good you once looked and felt?
  • Remember how soundly you once slept?
  • Remember how much energy you used to have?

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