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Alternative Health Care through Holistic Medicine

The Get Well Center a Natural Primary Health Care Center, providing natural alternative medicine to treat your health holisticly .  In other words, the doctor looks at your entire person to discover the actual root cause or causes of your health concerns.  Then he administers the appropriate natural treatment to correct the problem. Unlike the usual medical approach in America of chasing the symptoms with drugs or removing the complaint with surgery. 

Lear more on the types of alternative treatment offered at The Get Well Center by clicking Treatments on the info bare above.

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Achieving Optimal Wellness


     Alternative Medicine

Nothing is more important than the quality of your health.  Our wellness center strives on being unsurpassed in the realm of holistic natural medicine. As the founder of The Get Well Center and a Holistic Doctor for the last 24 years, Dr. Bolte has integrated alternative treatment that withstands the test of time or has shown solid scientific evidence in restoring health and optimize wellness.

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Do you feel?

  • Low energy / fatigue / exhausted
  • Poor memory / brain fog
  • Poor attitude / loss of drive
  • Emotional moodiness
  • Over weight
  • Droopy body
  • Aging blues
  • Get sick often
  • Joint and muscle aches and pains
  • Diminishing physical abilities
  • Chronic illness / Non-responsive problems
  • Poor sleep / insomnia


Then you owe it to yourself to get back through Natural Health Care: holistic treatment-allergies-stress relief

  • Your vitality / stamina to yester year
  • Mental clarity / sharpness
  • Optimistic from excitement
  • Balanced / in control of yourself
  • Lose weight & reach your ideal weight
  • Sexy / toned muscle
  • Anti-aging / Look & feel young again
  • A resistive immunity
  • Pain free / rid of disease
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Rid allergies
  • Wellness


In these challenging times, it is important to plan on being and staying well for a quality future.

Improve the quality of your life by restoring the optimal health of your body, the body you live in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year, and for every breath of your life.

Give yourself permission to make an astounding impact on the rest of your life.

The Get Well Center in Scottsdale Arizona is conveniently located to Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, and North Phoenix.  We are 1minute off the 101 for serving the greater phoenix residents.

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