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Scottsdale Acupuncture at The Get Well Center

Acupunctue is performed by Dr. John Bolte, an accomplished acupuncturist with over 28 years.  Over these almost decades Dr. Bolte has had great results in restoring & optimizing his patients health through acupuncture for: stop smoking, infertility, pain relief, stress relief, insomnia, anxieties, migrain headaches, foggy brain, sciatica, vertigo, PMS, fatigue, and much more. 

Dr. Bolte integrates many forms of acupuncture to optimize his effect, they include: Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Chi-gong, Moxi, Korean Hand Acupunctue, Cranial Acupuncture, Anchore Point System, Microcurrent Acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture, and Laser Point Acupuncture.

Over the almost 30 years as an acupuncturist, the doctor has restored health and vitality to thousands of his patients, do not hesitate to call and get this natural form of care for you or a loved ones health concern. The Get Well Center is in Scottsdale Arizona and conveniently located to Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, North Phoenix, and North Mesa.


History of Acupuncture

The use of Acupuncture can be traced back to over 2 thousand years. Today, well over 2 billion people around the world (that is one-third of the world's population) use acupuncture for treatment of many different health concerns, and its popularity is continuing to grow.

In the 1970s, Acupuncture became vogue in America after American visitors to China brought back firsthand reports of patients undergoing major surgery using acupuncture as their sole form of anesthesia. Since then, tens of thousands of treatments are now performed in this country each year for many types of conditions such as back pain, headaches, infertility, stress, emotions, etc. ..

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How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture is based upon the scientific fact that all cells of the body that make up the organs, glands, muscles and other tissues, need proper flow of vital blood and energy to function properly. When a blockage occurs in this flow, dis-ease and illness sets in.

The Chinese discovered over 2000 years ago Acupuncture, and how it can remove any interference with blood and energy flow in the body, thus heightening the bodies healing potential to restore ones health and vitality. 

They found over 2,000 locations in the body where blockages can occur and how to remove these blockages through the art and science of acupuncture. 

As an Acupuncturist for 28 years, Dr. Bolte determines where these blockages in vital blood and energy are located.  Then he determines which of the 2,000 acu points on the body need to be stimulated for healing to occur by insertion of tiny delicate needles.

Acupuncture for the scientific mind:

To better understand this, one must first look at how the body is constructed. The body is made up of trillions of atoms and sub particles, some as small as a billionth of a trillionth of a trillionth of an inch in size of vibratory energy. These atoms and sub particles make up the molecules, cells, tissues, and organs that are all contained by the largest organ, the skin, which contains the person as a separate identity from the rest of the universe, and at the same time connected.

Acupuncture taps into the communication channels of our bodies' life force (Chi) in pursuit of wellness.

Now all atomic and sub atomic biomolecular particles are unique vibratory wavelengths of energy. Thus, the body's composition can be primarily defined as energy. Now, for us to function as a living creature these vibrating particles must have organization and a way of communication. Otherwise our bodies would be a lifeless mass of chaotic or random vibration like a lump of jelly. So, God designed organization and communication with the bodies' energies which will be referred to as our innate life force of energy.

This innate life force allows for life, growth, development, and healing of every cell, tissue, organ, and person. In China, they have discovered that these communication systems or channels of energy can become erratically with energy and lead to the decay of ones health.

For around three millenniums, they have been using acupuncture to tap into these life force channels of energy and correct the disharmony that lies within, thus improving the quality of people's health. These channels of energy that an acupuncturist can tap into are a very complex system. There are many different channels of energy that run from the surface of the body (acupuncture points) then flow deep into the organs and tissues of the body and interrelate with one another to form a complex communication system. An acupuncturist can choose from hundreds of different points and thousands of different combinations of these points in their pursuit of treating the individual's ailment or disharmony.

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Does Acupuncture Really Work?

Acupuncture not only works, but is one of the most effective forms of treatment known to man. It's been successfully used for over three millenniums and is today used to treat many different illnesses on over 2 billion people around the world. 

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Is Acupuncture Painful?


Acupuncture is nothing like getting a shot or your blood drawn. In fact with acupuncture, most patients can hardly tell the needles have gone in. This is because the needles used are extremely thin, only slightly wider than a strand of hair that's inserted between the tissue causing little to no pain.

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Conditions that commonly respond to Acupuncture Treatment:

     ~ Allergies               ~ Fatigue               ~ Facelift / Skin Toning                 - Migraine Headaches

     ~ Diarrhea              ~ Constipation        ~ Digestive Complaints               - Quit Smoking

     ~ PMS                    ~ Infertility               ~ Sleep Disorders / Insomnia      - Tinnitus

     ~ Stress                 ~ Headaches           ~ Anxiety / Depression

     ~ Migraines            ~ Ringing Ears        ~ Low Energy

     ~ Vertigo                ~ Fibromyalgia        ~ Pain relief

     ~ Asthma                ~ Nerve Pain          ~ Carpal Tunnel

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Dr. Bolte and Acupuncture

Dr. Bolte is an acupuncturist in the state of Arizona. He's performed acupuncture on hundreds of patients over his 24 years of practice. He has attended many seminars in acupuncture, studied Chinese Medicine in China and received awards with some of Chinas' most prestigious medical officials. Dr. Bolte is eager to continue serving the health needs of his community with the amazing art and science of Acupuncture. View Dr. Bolte's full Background

Besides the fact that acupuncture is time proven and widely accepted in the world, after 28 years of clinical practice I'm still amazed as to how effective acupuncture can be for my patients. I have seen acupuncture rid neuritis, bells palsy, headaches, fatigue, herniated disc symptoms, smoking, infertility, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome, restless leg syndrome, tennis elbow, chronic back and neck pain, and a plethora of other conditions. I find most the patient's conditions responding within two to three sessions and are resolved within three to twelve sessions. This then permits me to focus on their optimal well being. 

When visiting six different hospitals in China, I witnessed acupuncture successfully performed on: brain and cesarean surgeries as a sole form of anesthesia, stroke and Alzheimer disease.

In retrospect to these observations and 28 years of successful practice, my only disappointment is that in America acupuncture is not a commonly used treatment as compared to conventional toxic drugs and surgeries.

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