Acupuncture, an Effective Treatment for Anxieties

By Dr. John Bolte

An Ezinearticle Expert Author


Acupuncture is an effective treatment for anxieties and other related health issues. It's time proven, philosophically aligned with emotional imbalances like anxieties, and is a powerful tool when the art and science of acupuncture is properly applied by an experienced acupuncturist.


The Three reasons acupuncture is an effective treatment for anxieties:

1. Acupuncture is time proven:

Acupuncture is a natural form of treatment that began around three millenniums ago and presently is used by one third of the worlds population to successfully treat a variety of health conditions including the condition of anxiety.

2. Philosophy behind acupuncture gives good reason for its success with anxieties:

The philosophy of traditional Chinese acupuncture is based on the fundamental belief that all health ailments are associated to an emotional imbalance like anxiety. This makes treating the patients' emotional imbalance of anxieties crucial. Otherwise, the acupuncturist will not be able to properly restore other related health issues. Hence, acupuncturists have a great extent of experience in treating emotional imbalances like anxieties in pursuit of their patients' wellness.

3. The art and science behind acupuncture is crucial for its success with anxieties:

The art and science behind acupuncture is crucial for treatment of anxieties and other health issues. This is seen through the acupuncturist choice of which points to use on the patients body and how to manipulate the needles to these points. Properly choosing and manipulating acupuncture points relies on an in depth understanding of the patients emotions and how they relate to any other health issues they may be experiencing. The acupuncturist accomplishes this task by determining how the patients Yin (passive, sensitive, artistic, depression) is balance with their Yang (aggressive, controlling, analytical, anxieties), then correlating these finding to any other health issues to formulate a program of acupuncture for success.

In conclusion, an experienced acupuncturist should have the ability to help free you from your anxieties and other health concerns.

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